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Private label toothpaste solutions

Customized your private label teeth whitening products quick & easy, with tiny minimum and no maximum.

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Private label toothpaste made easy and affordable

Private label toothpaste is toothpaste custom produced by a toothpaste manufacturing factory based on the customer's needs. This toothpaste can help customers improve brand awareness, increase sales, and reduce costs.

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Private Label Toothpaste Advantages

Private label toothpaste, also known as OEM toothpaste, refers to toothpaste produced by a toothpaste manufacturing factory but labeled by the brand owner with its own brand

Low costs

Private label toothpaste can enjoy the advantages of mass production, so the cost is relatively low.

High flexibility

Private label toothpaste can be customized according to the brand owner's needs, including product formula, packaging design, etc.

Brand independence

Private label toothpaste can be sold independently by the brand owner, so it can establish its own brand image.

How we help you create private label toothpaste

Lidercare has many years of production experience and rich technical strength. We can provide you with the following services

Product development

We have a professional R&D team that can develop product formulas that meet your requirements based on your needs.

Package Design

We have a professional design team who can design packaging that matches your brand image.


We have advanced production equipment and strict quality control system to produce high quality products for you

Private label toothpaste partnership process

Lidercare is an oral care toothpaste manufacturing factory, we focus on the production and sales of private label toothpaste.

Step 1: Negotiate cooperation

After you contact us, we will communicate with you about your needs and understand your brand positioning and product requirements. We will develop a cooperation plan based on your needs and negotiate with you.

Step 2: Product Development

After both parties reach an intention to cooperate, we will develop product formulas according to your needs and conduct relevant tests. We will use high-quality raw materials and advanced production equipment to ensure product quality.

Step 3: Packaging Design

After the product formula is determined, we will design the packaging according to your brand image. We will provide you with a variety of design options for you to choose from.

Step 4: Manufacturing

After the packaging design is determined, we will produce it according to your requirements. We have advanced production equipment and strict quality control system to produce high-quality toothpaste products for you.

Step 5: Acceptance and delivery

After production is completed, we will provide you with product acceptance. If you are satisfied with the product, we will arrange shipment.

Step 6: After-sales service

After the product is shipped, we will provide you with after-sales service. If you encounter any problems during use, we will solve them for you in time.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us and we will provide you with more detailed information and quotation.

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