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Add Your Heading Text HereWe have advanced equipment and rich experience in toothpaste manufacturing. We have a team of experienced engineers and technicians who are constantly developing and improving our manufacturing processes. Our equipment is industry-leading and ensures the consistent quality of our products.


Vacuum Paste Making

Vacuum toothpaste manufacturing is a specialized process used in toothpaste factories to produce high-quality toothpaste products. This method involves the use of vacuum technology to create a smooth and homogeneous toothpaste paste with consistent texture and quality.

Vacuum toothpaste manufacturing offers several advantages, including improved product quality, enhanced texture, extended shelf life, and reduced potential for air pockets or separation in the final product. The use of vacuum technology helps create a consistent and visually appealing toothpaste that meets the high standards of consumers.

Allow To Stand For 24 Hours

Allow To Stand For 24 Hours

Allowing the toothpaste to stand for 24 hours helps stabilize the formulation. During this time, the ingredients in the toothpaste blend and interact with each other more thoroughly. This process enhances the consistency, texture, and overall stability of the toothpaste, ensuring that it maintains its desired properties over time.

Some toothpaste formulations contain flavorings and fragrances that require time to fully develop and blend with the other ingredients. Allowing the toothpaste to stand for 24 hours allows these flavors and fragrances to meld and infuse into the product, resulting in a more harmonious and pleasant taste and scent.

Filling Line

Filling Line

Once the tubes are ready, the toothpaste filling process begins. A precision filling machine is used to dispense the appropriate amount of toothpaste into each tube/container. The filling machine can accurately measure and control the volume of toothpaste, ensuring consistent and uniform distribution.

Throughout the filling line, quality control measures are implemented to ensure the integrity and consistency of the toothpaste product. Inspections may be conducted to check for proper filling, accurate labeling, and any defects or inconsistencies. Any faulty tubes/containers are identified and removed from the production line.



Primary Packaging: The primary packaging refers to the immediate layer of packaging that directly contains the toothpaste, such as the toothpaste tube or container. These primary packages are typically made of materials like plastic, laminate, or aluminum, which provide protection from moisture, light, and external contaminants.

Secondary Packaging: Toothpaste tubes or containers are often placed into secondary packaging for added protection, organization, and convenience. Secondary packaging can include cartons, blister packs, or shrink-wrapped trays. It may also involve grouping individual toothpaste units into multipacks or variety packs, catering to different customer preferences.


Storage and Inventory Management

At our warehouse, we provide ample space for storing a wide range of raw materials, including active ingredients and packaging materials such as tubes, caps, and labels. We meticulously organize our inventory, utilizing advanced inventory management systems to track stock levels, monitor expiry dates, and ensure optimal quantities to support production and meet customer demands.

We collaborate closely with our production department and customer service teams. We diligently pick, pack, and prepare toothpaste products for shipment, ensuring accuracy and timeliness. By efficiently fulfilling orders, we contribute to customer satisfaction and the timely delivery of our high-quality toothpaste products.

Professional-Level Oral Healthcare Products Manufacturing

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Manage Your Brand without Worrying Production

At Lidercare, we already have the production lines of teeth whitening products, and advanced facilities to handle a wide range of manufacturing processes. Compared to producing your own products, you may also enjoy savings when it comes to facility costs, labor costs, capital investment costs, and raw material expenditures.


Under ISO Standards, in Sustainable Way

Lidercare Endeavors to be a Sustainable Company

Sustainable manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negat

As a company in oral care and health industry, we never ask too much from the nature to build up our oralcare dream. We follow ISO standards and provide recyclable materials for our clients.

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