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2023 Guide to the Best Teeth Whitening Products Ordering Process

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The pandemic has brought teeth whitening businesses into the spotlight, as more individuals seek to whiten their teeth at home due to salon and beauty parlor closures. This situation presents an opportunity for teeth whitening businesses to expand into home treatments and aftercare, but it also requires standing out and delivering value and efficiency.

With numerous teeth whitening product manufacturers available, it can be challenging for businesses to identify trustworthy suppliers for their teeth whitening supplies. At Lidercare, we prioritize efficiency as a teeth whitening product manufacturer and aim to assist clients in finding manufacturing and supply processes that meet their satisfaction.

Six Steps to Manufacture Your Teeth Whitening Products

To prevent teeth whitening businesses from facing difficulties, Lidercare has outlined steps that can help when working with a manufacturer:

Initial Negotiation Process: Clearly Describe Your Requirements

Be honest and realistic about your projected sales volume when discussing requirements with the manufacturer. Overstating your order volume can lead to misunderstandings and ineffective production planning. Manufacturers prefer accurate volume orders to provide optimal solutions.

Pricing Process: Ensure Clear Costings from the Manufacturers

If you’re unfamiliar with manufacturing processes, request a comprehensive cost list from the manufacturer to understand the pricing clearly. This helps you become more knowledgeable about the teeth whitening industry, improving your business understanding and success.

Confirming the Pricing: Avoid Negotiating Prices Too Low

Remember the adage, “you get what you pay for.” The lowest price may indicate lower product quality, negatively impacting your teeth whitening business. Extremely tight margins for some suppliers may lead to the use of sub-standard materials without approval. Focus on getting the best price rather than the cheapest, as product quality is crucial.

Sampling Processes: Obtain and Thoroughly Check Free Samples

Most teeth whitening product manufacturers offer free samples for quality checking. While the samples themselves may be free, you may be responsible for shipping costs. Take the time to carefully examine and use the samples to ensure they meet your expected standards.

Producing in Bulk: Utilize Live Video Streams

If your factory is located far from your business, maintain regular video contact with the manufacturer to monitor production processes in real time. Understanding how your brand’s products are made is important when selling to clients or retailers. Insist on live videos to ensure your manufacturer meets acceptable standards.

Delivery Processes: Retain Flexibility and Trust Manufacturer Expertise

Manufacturers possess extensive knowledge of customs and delivery procedures. Trust their expertise to find ways to lower delivery costs, such as separating products into sea shipping and air freight. This allows you to receive part of your order immediately for market launch while the rest follows later.


These six steps provided by Lidercare aim to enhance efficiency in acquiring teeth whitening products for your business. Whether you choose Lidercare or another supplier, ensuring that only the best products reach the market is vital for the teeth whitening industry. Avoiding sub-standard and potentially unsafe products benefits everyone involved. Good luck in your teeth whitening business!

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