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Plaque Dental Disclosing Tablets


Introducing Plaque Disclosure Tablets (96-count pack) – an entertaining and efficient approach to instilling proper teeth brushing habits in children. The vibrant purple hue instantly illuminates even the most concealed corners where plaque thrives, highlighting areas often overlooked during the initial brushing session.

Embrace a healthier oral regime and safeguard against potential dental complications by following the purple roadmap unveiled by these ingenious tablets. Ensure sparkling, thoroughly cleaned teeth for every member of your household with every brushing session.

Not only do these berry-flavored tablets cater to both kids and adults alike with their delightful taste, but they also serve as a fantastic incentive for the entire family to strive for a dazzling, radiant smile.

Achieve an extra level of cleanliness with these tablets! The intensity of the purple color indicates the prevalence of plaque, motivating you to brush more diligently until the hue fades away completely. Remember to thoroughly brush your tongue as well, as odor-causing particles tend to accumulate in its tiny folds.

Experience the joy of cleaner, healthier teeth and gums with Plaque Disclosure Tablets – a fun and effective tool for the whole family!

Please note that we have a MOQ for our Product. Available product 1000pcs. For customized package and logo, please see the MOQ as follows:
● Toothpaste & Toothbrushes – 30,000 pcs
● Mouthwash & Oral Spray – 10,000 pcs
● Toothpaste Tablets & Powder – 10,000 pcs
● Whitening Kit – 5,000pcs

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